Our Services & Professional Fees (For Companies/Businesses)

If any HR services’ prices are not listed, feel free to write or call us. Our email is hr@machspeed.com.sg or call us 63362530. We will be happy to resolve your issues. 

We welcome enquiry from all types of companies, startups, corporations and businesses, no project is too small.

HR Administration & Services ( MOM Pass Applications | MOM EPOL | WPOL | IR8A | FWMI | WICA )

Employment Pass / S Pass / Work Permit MOM work pass applications

Companies & agencies  in the market charge:

S$1000 to S$2000 + per application per headcount for all types of passes

Machspeed charges:

Starting from S$250 nett per application for work permit 

EP application from S$963 to S$1284 nett for EP applications (including MOM’s application, issuance & multi-journey visa fees and 7% GST))

Talk to us to find out more! 

  • Machspeed has processed hundreds of visa applications (PEP, EP, S Pass, Work Permit, DP, LTVP) and will be able to provide you the best visa advice, no matter how unique, tough or challenging your case is.
  • Machspeed has a physical office and 3 phone lines. You are able to reach us when you have queries, we are not robots and will not go missing-in-action (MIA) when you need us.
  • Staff insurance administration (Assist to buy Work Injury Comp (WICA), Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI) etc) ( Rates range from S$ 100 – 180 per application )
  • Annual Income Tax – IR8A preparation for employees ( Rates range from S$ 30 – 150 per staff, depending on the volume, the more staff, the lower the rate Machspeed charges )
  • Accounts Opening – CPF Account, WPOL Account, EPOL Account etc ( Rates range from S$ 150 – 200 per application )
  • Checking validity of work pass – FREE! Or DIY by visiting MOM website to check validity

Recruitment Solutions

  • Successful sourcing of suitable employee & worker ( Placement fee is as low as 85% of offered salary )
  • Recruitment process outsourcing, Machspeed will hire suitable staff for you and manage their payroll (including salary management, CPF contributions, medical insurance administration, annual leave / medical leave management etc) while they are deployed to work on-site your premise. (Rates range from S$200.00 – 380.00 per headcount only. )
  • Contract placements ( Machspeed help you to source and look for short-term contractors to work in your company. One-time placement fee range from 80-90% of offered salary or flat fee of  S$ 300 – 700 per headcount nett, depending on exact duration, position title & level)
  • Urgent / Flexible ad-hoc placements ( Rates range from S$ 20.00 per hour to S$ 30.00 per hour )
  • Temporary placements ( Rates range from S$ 10.00 per hour to S$ 30.00 per hour )

Payroll Administration

  • Ideal for small businesses owner and companies:
  • which doesn’t have a Payroll Administrator: Compute daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly salaries / claims & reimbursements / bonuses & increments / claims from MINDEF (Ministry of Defence) for staff on NS reservist training etc
  • which doesn’t have permanent headcounts to put under own company’s payroll : Payroll process outsourcing.

( Machspeed will calculate and disburse salaries to staff and bill you subsequently, rate starts from S$ 250.00 per headcount monthly )

FAQs On MOM Work Pass Application (EP, S Pass, Work Permit)

  • Will my company get a guaranteed positive outcome from MOM if I engage your company to apply EP, SPass or Work Permit for my workers / employees? How long do I have to wait for the outcome?

No, we cannot guarantee this but with our experience, we will advice you step-by-steps what to anticipate and estimate your chance of getting the MOM work pass.

We ensure that we will provide SATS test, read through your workers/employees’ profiles/background before we bill you and apply straightaway. We have step by step methodology to do it and we ensure you are satisfied with us from the beginning of the process, and right up till the end. As for the outcome, the wait is typically about 10 to 21 working days now (as of 2018), as MOM is tightening the control and filtering the applications to ensure only qualified applicants are selected, as well as the commitment to stamp out those who are abusing the work pass system.

  • What is SATS?

It is an online tool that assesses if a person is likely to qualify for an Employment Pass or S Pass based on the information you provide. These include salary, highest qualifications attained, nature of work and work experience.

It does not guarantee the actual outcome of the application.

This is because there are checks by MOM backend, such as employer’s quota (for S Pass) and candidate’s history, that are not considered in this self-assessment tool.

  • Are your MOM work pass application charges nett? Any additional fees for appeal, consultation fee?

No, our fees are transparent, we will give you a detailed breakdown and both email/telephone consultation fee and 1-time appeal (if needed), are inclusive.

We have worked with many MNCs and SMEs, we provide you with very clear instructions and you can be rest assured your case / project can be entrusted to us with care and constant follow-up.